Maryland foreclosure cases filed after July 1, 2017 may be VOIDABLE:  See if this applies to you!

July 31, 2019


Since July 1, 2017, Plaintiffs (i.e, Banks, Loan Servicers & Substitute Trustees) have been explicitly prohibited from filing time-barred debt claims.   The time limit to collect on mortgage notes is just three years.  The Maryland General Assembly shortened the limitations for pursuing “any cause of action to collect the unpaid balance due on deed of trust, mortgage, or promissory note that has been signed under seal and secures or is secured by residential property” in 2014 and stated that the action would have to have been “filed within 12 years after the date the action accrues or before July 1, 2017, whichever occurs first.”  RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY – STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS FOR CERTAIN SPECIALITIES AND MOTION FOR CERTAIN DEFICIENCY JUDGMENTS, 2014 Maryland Laws Ch. 592 (H.B. 274).

If your loan was considered in default and accelerated more than 3 years ago, the Plaintiffs may not have a valid claim against you!  If you think you qualify for this defense, seek legal advice immediately!

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